Tuesday Ten: Random Things

Ten Random things that on their own do not merit a blog entry:

1. I’m a Scentsy Girl. I love my new Scentsy warmer and my “Sharp Dressed Man” scented bars.

2. When I was like 9, we had a babysitter that had my brother (then 7) and I walk down our busy street and across it to the LIQUOR STORE to buy her CIGARETTES (she sent us with a note and cash).

3. “I bought you a Mounds (candy bar)!” Jason exclaimed. I was excited because I love Mounds. Upon receiving the gift, it was actually an Almond Joy. “Oh,” I said. “It’s an Almond Joy. I think I like those.” He then took my Almond Joy, opened it and ate the almond off the top of it and handed it back to me.

4. I watched the Miss Universe pageant last night.

5. I’m reading “Sisterhood Forever” by Ann Brashares. Yes, it’s a sequel to “Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants.” Fun, mindless fiction for a really busy time in my life.

6. When I was 12, all I wanted was a Gap Denim jacket. I got it for Easter that year. I wish I still had that jacket.

7. Teachers are my heroes (that one actually is worth a blog post).

8. I can’t watch scary movies or movies full of suspense. I pace around and hide behind things during the tense scenes.

9. Blue is my favorite color.

10. I can remember the names of all of my elementary school teachers (Dam, Myers, Cherry, Jensen, Klazura, Stone, Pampalone), but I only remember certain middle and high school teachers.