Tuesday Ten: Reasons You Should Join A Toastmasters Club

Charlyn and Nibby wrestled for the coveted "Best Speaker of the Week" trophy at a recent meeting
Charlyn and Nibby wrestled for the coveted “Best Speaker of the Week” trophy at a recent meeting

I’ve been a member of Riverbend Toastmasters since November. It is one of the best decisions I’ve made recently. Here’s why I think you should seek out and join a Toastmasters Club:

1. You will become a stronger public speaker (you expected me to say that, but it’s true!).

2. You will become a better listener as you participate in meetings listening for “ahs,” listening to speeches, and giving evaluations.

3. You will be able to give people better feedback in professional and social situations because you will practice evaluating peers every week.

4. You will meet people who work in a variety of industries and from a variety of interest backgrounds.

5. You will make new friends.

6. You will receive invaluable training at a fraction of the price you’d pay for it at conferences or by taking classes.

7. You can earn awards in speaking and in leadership.

8. You can feed your competitive nature by participating in speech and evaluation contests.

9. You will improve your conversation skills.

10. You will have a place to learn about a variety of subjects. Speakers can talk about whatever they choose! In the past months, we’ve heard speeches on bicycling, strawberries, a family member’s experiences in World War II, digital citizenship, airplanes, post-traumatic stress disorder, nursing, mission work in Africa, Family Systems Theory and so many other topics.

Tomorrow, Wednesday June 12, Riverbend Toastmasters in Henderson, KY will have a one hour Open House meeting at Independence Bank at Green and Washington streets at noon. Anyone is welcome to come and observe our meeting. Guests will enjoy a free, catered lunch and get to see what happens during the hour we meet each week. Our guarantee is that visitors do not have to speak, but we often find that sometimes visitors can’t help themselves, and we guarantee that such bravery will merit what we give every speaker and participant–hearty applause for taking the risk!