Tuesday Ten: Sabbath Things

IMG_3452Over Spring break (March 31-April 7), I took a week-long Sabbath. I jokingly called it my mini-sabbatical. Really it meant vacation, but since I seem to be so terrible at taking a vacation, I had to find a terminology that pressed upon me that I was not to do any work, visit work, see work, think about work or talk to people from my work.

Here are ten things I did instead:

1. Finished “Wild” by Cheryl Strayed.

2. Pulled my hammock into the sunshine and laid there.

3. Visited with many friends, face to face or via the phone. I genuinely valued my unhurried time with each one of them!

4. Wrote in my journal.

5. Bought a hummingbird feeder, a second bird feeder for cardinals and song birds (I already had a finch feeder) and a bird bath. I then spent lots of time watching the birds play on the new bird playground.

6. Emptied our DVR (by watching all of the shows I had recorded but had not watched).

7. Made a big decision about my future (more on that later!).

8. Sent Jason and Jonas out the door for their big Appalachian Trail hike and then welcomed them home 5 days later.

9. Slept past 5:30 for the first time since Ash Wednesday.

10. Read and prayed and napped and sipped coffee and did all the things you can do when you have nowhere else to be.

One thought on “Tuesday Ten: Sabbath Things”

  1. Becky, It sounds divine in every sense of the word. We all need to take time to honor our body’s need for rest and our spirit’s need for refreshment. It sounds like you had a time of real respite. I don’t know what the big decision is, but I know it will involve growing. It is wonderful to be a fellow traveler on this journey!

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