Tuesday Ten: School Things

Ten things I love about the start of a new school year:

1. Super deals on school supplies and school-related supplies.

2. Setting up the After School Club rooms at the church.

3. Meeting Jonas’ new teachers.

4. A more predictable schedule (Note: I like this for a few months. Then I start wishing for a less predictable schedule!).

5. Brand new boxes of crayons.

6. “What I did on my summer vacation” essays and drawings.

7. Our families are at church more often since they travel less during the school year.

8. New school clothes for Jonas (and maybe a couple of new things for us non-students, too)!

9. Youth Group, After School Club, Sunday School, Kids’ Club, FCA at South Middle School…they all resume their regular meeting times!

10. Hearing all the stories about the first day of school, new teachers, new schools, new friends…