Tuesday Ten: Single-Tasking Things

'caffeinating, calculating, computerating' photo (c) 2010, Ryan Ritchie - license: http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nd/2.0/Ten things I’ve learned/realized about single-tasking that I had failed to consider before Lent began:

1. I can sleep without my earbuds. For years, I’ve fallen asleep with music. I’ve slept just fine without it.

2. It is easy to forget to single-task.

3. Several times, I’ve had trouble deciding which task to do first when I have a set of things to accomplish.

4. I miss multi-tasking.

5. I knew this before I started, but it’s become clear to me how much time I normally spend each day with some form of electronic distraction.

6. Single-tasking means I can’t touch my phone for any reason while I’m driving. I didn’t text and drive, but I often talked on it or checked to see why it beeped or dinged.

7. It’s hard to focus at first, when I’m reading or writing for instance, but once I settle in with a task I find I enjoy it much more knowing that I’m going to finish it before I move on.

8.When I eat without any distraction, I eat less. I’ve heard that before, but it’s actually true.

9. Other people take it for granted that I will multi-task.

10. Because I’m not constantly seeking to do more than one thing at a time, I’ve had a lot of silent time to think. That’s been nice.