Tuesday Ten: Things For Which I Am Thankful

loucon2 138It’s a month when my facebook feed is full of things that my friends are thankful for and it seems easier to remember to count blessings. Here are ten of mine:

1. Words. I love words–reading them, hearing them, using them, learning new words.

2. Leaves. Yes, I know, some of you are at war with yours, but ours are pretty on the ground and we’re leaving them there for now.

3. Coffee. I don’t really feel a need to qualify this one.

4. Lip Gloss. I have about 73 tubes of lip gloss. Which is almost like I’m about to run out.

5. My Bibles. I also have about 73 of those, but I love Bibles and I just gave another one away over the weekend, so I suppose that means I can shop for Bibles over at Amazon?

6. Water. We were under a boil order for several days last week and it made me remember yet again what a blessing clean, flowing water in one’s house actually is.

7. My crock pot. It’s a magical device that cooks food for me while I’m gone and everything it produces is hot and fantastic.

8. Ropes Courses. High or low, those courses produce amazing interactions and self-revelations.

9. My camera. I love whoever came up with the miraculous technology that allows us to capture moments on film so we can remember them always. It’s one way we have to travel through time.

10. Spotify. So many songs on demand. I’m spoiled.

What things make you remember to be thankful?

One thought on “Tuesday Ten: Things For Which I Am Thankful”

  1. Wonderful sisters in Christ like Becky remind me to be thankful. I’m grateful to have friends like you. Thanks for reminding me how blessed I am.

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