Tuesday Ten: Things I Could Minimalize

glossFor the past few years, Jason has followed the Minimalist movement. He may not practice it to extremes, but he has learned to appreciate having less and getting rid of things that are not needed. His wife (yours truly) has watched from distance, patting herself on the back when she makes a slight reduction somewhere and enjoying the parts of the house (the ones that are not my own spaces) that are uncluttered and easy to move through due to lack of stuff.

I have a problem and I’m confronting it this Lenten season. Here are ten areas that I could reduce the stuff I own or keep:

1. Clothing. My closet is packed and I’ve never had enough hangers.

2. Beauty products. Of all kinds and specifically…

3. Lip Glosses and lip sticks.

4. Books. It’s madness.

5. Thank You Cards (but fear not–the week where I’ll write 49 thank you cards will help decrease this).

6. TV Seasons on DVD. I mean, I got most of them pre-Netflix, but it’s ridiculous.

7. T-shirts. Yes, I’ve already mentioned clothing, but I have boxes of event and activity t-shirts in my closet.

8. Scentsy Bars.

9. Sock monkeys. Just kidding. I can’t won’t minimalize my sock monkeys.

10. Chargers to my various electronic devices. Like, at least 2 per device. It’s a bit ridiculous over there in the corner where I charge stuff.