Tuesday Ten: Things I Love About Middle Schoolers

Loucon Jason 748
Two of my favorite Middle Schoolers–Molly and Jonas

Middle school gets a bad rap. More often I watch people gasp in horror when I suggest that Middle School is my favorite age group.

Now, listen, I have a middle school kid so I get it. It’s a rough age. And often an obnoxious, hyperactive, stinky, frightening age. But, really, it’s also an awesome, wonderful age.

In honor of our Middle School Mission Trip, starting tomorrow, here’s what I love about Middle Schoolers:

1. They still laugh at dumb, corny jokes. Seriously, if you want to be silly and say silly things, 7th graders are your people.

2. They ask good questions. Maybe because they haven’t learned that society doesn’t want or like their questions yet. As someone who still asks a lot of questions, I appreciate this.

3.  They are often funnier than expected.  Like genuinely funny–not in the sense that they do funny things.

4. But they do–they do really funny, unexplainable things that leave me laughing for days.

Loucon Jason 693
Michael and Drake build a lean-to at camp

5. They get excited. About new experiences, new places, new opportunities…and often about old places and opportunities, too.

6. They will be our single best defense against the zombies. Middle School boys prepare for the Zombie Apocalypse daily.

7. They remind me of my own days as an awkward, weirdly dressed, wildly haired middle schooler. And this reminds me that life usually does get better.

8. They are unpredictable. This keeps my job interesting and exciting.

9. They are talented and able. People forget that.

10. Their faith is real. This is the age where they switch from concrete to abstract thinking. Faith makes sense in new ways and the possibilities are big. That’s really great.