Tuesday Ten: Things I Will Do In 2012

I’ve been inspired this week by my friend, Nibby, who blogged the things he won’t do in 2012 the other day. Thanks, Nib!

1. Vote in the state primary and the national election.

2. Celebrate lots of big birthdays: Mom and Jason’s dad turn an age that ends in ‘0’; Jason turns 40; Carly turns 30; Jonas turns 13.

3. Read the Bible cover to cover in the ESV on my Kindle. (No debate about the best version, please. I have a favorite version and I know the words of many passages well. I want to be challenged to wrestle with the text and consider the words and reading an unfamiliar version will cause that to happen. Plus, the ESV is free on Kindle!)

4. Continue my quest for health and peace of mind at the gym and other locations. Will that include running? My doctor will weigh in on January 10 when we look at my knee and ankle.

5. Read several books. I did not read very much this past year and I missed it.

6. Discern and make some decisions–big and small.

7. Celebrate our tenth wedding anniversary.

8. Use the writing prompt sites I have bookmarked and blog more frequently. What I know is this: even silly, unnecessary writing is better than no writing. And I miss writing.

9. Travel somewhere. Hopefully where there are hotels rather than campsites.

10. Hope.

2 thoughts on “Tuesday Ten: Things I Will Do In 2012”

  1. #11. meet up with adam and have coffee and talk about taking over the world and have coffee… 🙂

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