Tuesday Ten: Things I’m Excited About Right Now

I get it. I’m running out of ideas for Tuesday Tens. Please feel free to suggest some below!

In the meantime, ten things I’m excited about:

IMG_38921. June’s picture-a-day blog challenge. I just made that up. I hope you’ll play along. One picture a day, every day, in June. Post it and add commentary.

2. Our garden is still alive!

3. Jonas graduated from 8th grade and we’re an HCHS family now!

4. My fire pit is getting a lost of use lately.

5. Vacation Bible School starts in six days!

6. Summer is happening.

7. The Toastmasters Club to which I belong is having an open house on June 12 (at noon) and I will be speaking.

8. The new season of “Arrested Development” is finally here!

9. I’m starting to work through stuff I need to do to apply to seminary. Probably after VBS, I’ll begin this task in earnest.

10. One of our high school students from church is in Myanmar with a group from her other church (long story!). Here is the link to her latest blog (and her blogging youth director is so incredibly proud of her!). Will you please remember Elle in your prayers as she serves orphans on the other side of the world?