Tuesday Ten: Things Teenagers Worry About

This weekend, our students went to Camp Loucon for our Fall Retreat. It was an amazing weekend.

On Saturday night, we had an interactive prayer activity. Ten stations around the room provided students with different ways to pray and  experience God.

One of the stations invited students to make signs naming the things that cause them fear or worry.

They created an entire wall of signs naming their worries. “I can’t believe their honesty,” one of the ministers present said to me when I stepped over to that station to see how things were going.

So here are ten things in their own words (I translated, just in case you can’t read the writing)

What will. happen to my sisters when I leave home.

Never being good enough.

Which road to I follow?

Caution Temptaion Ahead

Getting hurt by the one I love…again

I won’t have someone to fall back on/losing my bestfriend/Failure

The choice between what is right and what someone else thinks is right.

Which college?

Now I don’t know if I’ll make it (to heaven/God, I presume)

How do I know to trust Him, or anyone else?




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