Tuesday Ten: Things That Are Happening Today

calendar februaryIt’s Tuesday! And It’s a busy day! Here’s why:

1. It’s our first day back to school in Henderson since last Tuesday. The snow has kept coming steadily all week…but it looks like we get a break for a bit.

2. It’s the 42nd day of the year!

3. It’s Girl Scout Cookie Delivery day in Henderson! We’ll be receiving tens of thousands of boxes of cookies into the gym at Presbyterian Church this morning. This means that pretty soon, the Girl Scouts you love will be dispatched to deliver tens of thousands of boxes of cookies all over Henderson! If you live in the 42420, get excited!

4. ACT Club meets at South Middle School this morning at 7:30.

5. Two Zumba classes tonight at Presbyterian Church! Pick one: 5:30 or 6:35.

6. I’m trying a new breakfast casserole recipe.

7. It’s “Make A Friend” Day…which seems perfect for a day we are celebrating Girl Scouting.

8. It’s “Don’t Cry Over Spilled Milk” Day…which seems perfect for the day we receive Girl Scout Cookies.

9. Remember when my Girl Scout troop Never, Never, Never Gave Up? They’re meeting with a reporter from the local newspaper this afternoon to talk about that.

10. You get the chance to make a fresh start, seek a new calling, and live with purpose and grace.

Happy Tuesday! What are you doing today?