Tuesday Ten: Things That Are Happening

Ten things happening in my life right now:

1. We are looking for a house! We’ve had a pretty steady Tuesday date each week with our amazing realtor (Kathy Jackson at Remax).

2. I’m working on a series of studies on the life of King David for Youth Group.

3. I’m working on an abbreviated series of studies on the life of King David for ACT club at South Middle School (we only have 15 minutes together and much less space and multimedia capabilities available).

4. I’m raising money for the Bowl For Kids’ Sake teams from the church. We have 3 teams and our goal is to raise $1,500 total.

5. Jonas turns 13 next week. Jason and I made a special gift for him…but we totally screwed up part of it. I’m trying to figure out how to fix the error in a way that looks normal.

6. Later this week, the church custodian and I are going to paint the Hoffman Hall art room at the church. We’re painting it a shade of blue called “Spa.” Won’t that be relaxing? I mean, besides that the major use of the room is for our after school art projects and that usually includes kids screaming and cutting paper into tiny pieces that fall all over the floor and pouring half a gallon of glue out of the bottle onto their half sheet of paper and glitter–so MUCH GLITTER everywhere.

7. I’m helping my little sister, Katie, sell her Girl Scout cookies. Thin Mints, anyone?

8. I’m preaching on February 19. It’s Transfiguration Sunday, and I’m going to preach in costume as Peter, my favorite disciple. It will be my first dramatic sermon.

9. I’m working on scheduling some things for our summer mission teams. Fundraisers, team meetings, planning for the trip itself…

10. I’m sore because I tried a new type of interval workout yesterday morning and I went swimming and did some water weight things last night. No pain, no gain, I guess.

Have a fantastic last day of January!