Tuesday Ten: Things That Make A Good Leader

I’m no expert by any means, but I’ve been a leader and I’ve been led by great leaders. Here are ten qualities I believe leaders should possess.

1. Integrity: If a leader says she will do something, she should do it!

2. Tact: it’s important to deliver criticism and advice well.

3.  Trust: Leaders should allow others to do the jobs they are assigned.

4. Willingness to admit fault and accept blame.

5. Humility: No one wants to follow a leader that is smug or self-serving.

6. Grace: Things go wrong and people make mistakes.

7. Excellence: Leaders seek to do the job not just well, but excellently.

8. Team-building: No one is good at everything. Good leaders find team members to complement their abilities.

9. Cheerleading: Leaders cheer team members on and celebrate their victories as well as their own.

10. Desire to grow: Leaders want to get better at their tasks and find ways to do so.

What would you add to this list?