Tuesday Ten: Things That Make Me Curious

Ten things I’m curious about:

1. The possibility of life on other planets.

2. Salt-water swimming pools.

3. Does each person see a specific color differently?

4. What did Jesus do during the 98% of his life that’s not recorded?

5. What my cat thinks about all day.

6. Life one hundred years ago.

7. Stephen King’s creative process.

8. What it’s like to visit our church for the first time.

9. How do time zones work, exactly? Why are there half time zones?

10. The music genome project.

3 thoughts on “Tuesday Ten: Things That Make Me Curious”

  1. I think I can help with number 7. Stephan King has a book “On Writing” where he talks about some of his creative process.

  2. Hi Becky, thanks for sharing your list! It’s certainly quite varied and shows a remarkable breadth of interests.

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