Tuesday Ten: Ways I’m Spending My Time Lately

walking deadThe good, the bad and the downright stupid:

1. Preparing my speech for Toastmasters tomorrow.

2. Binge watching “The Walking Dead.”

3. Searching for new crock pot recipes my family will eat.

4. Helping my mom get her house ready to sell.

5. Selling Girl Scout Cookies, delivering Girl Scout Cookies, collecting cash for Girl Scout Cookies.

6. Reading 3 books (“Super Freakonomics,” “Imperfect Birds” and “The Giver.”).

7. Candy Crush Saga. Yes, still.

8. Preparing two lessons on John 3 (one for a middle school small group; one for our high school youth group).

9. Reorganizing Children’s Church curriculum in preparation for Lent.

10. Scholarship applications!