Tuesday Ten: Ways To Bear Light

In the wake of the events in Boston, I read this (brought to my attention by my friend Michelle Green, created by Peter H. Reynolds):


That’s something, isn’t it? All the darkness in the world, and yet there is always more light. Sometimes the darkness gets the headline and the light is on page 4B, but there is always more light. Even now the news is full of stories of runners who crossed the finish line and then headed to donate blood and people who stopped what they were doing to help those who were suffering or in need. I like this quote, but I believe that rather than just making or creating light, we’re are invited to bearers of God’s good light. So for the Tuesday Ten, I’d like to suggest ten ways you can be bearers of this light:

1. Volunteer at a school near you.

2. Befriend a person who is lonely.

3. Write a note, bake some cookies or simply say thank you to a police officer, nurse, fire fighter or EMT in your city.

4. Visit elderly friends or relatives who live in a nursing home or assisted living home.

5. Teach your children to do “light” things.

6. Share genuinely kind words with people you see every day.

7. Pay for the coffee of the person in line behind you.

8. Cut your neighbor’s grass when you cut your own.

9. Be patient. In line, in waiting rooms, at restaurants…be patient and kind.

10. Smile. Such a simple gesture that makes a big difference.

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