Tuesday Ten: Ways to Cultivate Unity

Join by a handphoto © 2006 Masahiro Hayata | more info (via: Wylio)
1. Read books and blogs and articles written by people of all different faith perspectives.

2. Attend community worship services.

3. Allow for diverse political viewpoints among followers of Jesus.

4. Do not believe everything you’re told about this person or that book–do the research and think for yourself.

5. Encourage your children to attend worship services with their friends or take them to other churches yourself.

6. Ask your friends and neighbors about their faith because you genuinely want to know, not because you’re looking for an argument or a way to change their mind or stance.

7. Pray for other churches and other Christians in your community.

8. Look for ways for your church to work with other churches in your community: VBS, Youth Group events, mission trips, etc. It’s all possible!

9. Don’t make faith or Christianity about one or two pet issues (homosexuality, inerrancy of Scripture, evolution, etc.)

10. Realize that you can listen and respect even if you disagree.

2 thoughts on “Tuesday Ten: Ways to Cultivate Unity”

  1. good stuff…I’ve been trying to talk to other’s and visit churches I might not otherwise. Eye opening! I love the idea of letting my kids go to different churches with their friends when they are older and talking about it….my mother would freak! It’s so healthy for me to see God though in places I might not expect to find him. Puts me back in my place I guess.

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