Tuesday Ten: Ways To Prepare For Winter Weather

Photo Credit Jason Durham
Photo Credit Jason Durham

It’s Tuesday and at the time of writing, our meteorologists are predicting another winter weather event here in the Tri-State. Our most recent winter weather event was Sunday afternoon/evening when we received about an inch and a half of snow. It’s been a winter full of wintery weather…which seems to keep surprising everyone! Admittedly, it has been a lot more snowy days than Henderson, KY usually experiences, and the kids have been out of school for eight snow days already.

Here’s what I know: You can’t control the weather! You can curse about it, hope about it, sleep with your pajamas on backwards or complain all you want. If it’s coming, it’s coming. Here are ten ways to get ready (that you probably won’t read about on your local newspaper’s website):

1. Stock up on coffee. Or tea. Or hot chocolate.

2. Dig out your fuzzy socks and pajamas.

3. Fill your bird feeders. Your feathered friends need to eat and inclement weather makes it harder. Plus, it’s fun to watch the birds gather in your yard while it snows.

4. Be sure you have good reading material.

5. Find a crock pot recipe that will go well with snowy weather and get the ingredients.

6. You’ll have to think ahead about this, but clean windows sure do make the snow look better! Call up your local window cleaner and make an appointment! If you live in or near Henderson, I know a guy!

7. Get a good DVD, playlist or On Demand cardio work out ready. You can save on heating the house if you have a way to warm up…and if you’re stuck in the house, you’re gonna need a way to get moving. Or dancing.

8. Make sure you have a dog. Dogs keep your feet warm and keep you company. They don’t judge you while you sit on the couch drinking coffee, reading books and writing blog posts about what to do if winter weather is coming.

9. Pray and look for ways to extend kindness and care to those in need. Remember people who have no choice but to be outside when bad weather strikes. People who have no permanent shelter, people who drive the plows and salt trucks, people who serve us in a variety of ways that do not allow for snow days.

10. Embrace the snowiness! Complaining won’t do anything except annoy your snow-loving friends and keep you from being joyful. Remember: you can’t control this mess, but you can make the most of it!

How do you get ready for snowy weather?