Tuesday Ten: Websites I Visit Regularly

World Wide Webphoto © 2007 Bull3t Hughes | more info (via: Wylio) Here they are:

1. Facebook: Daily. Sometimes hourly. (I know.)

2. Netflix: So glad I subscribed–I just do their streaming service.

3. Google Reader: I love my Google Reader Account. I just subscribe to all of your amazing blogs and it tells me when you’ve updated and I click around and read the brilliant things you’ve written!

4. GoDaddy for my church webmail. And they host our website.

5. Oremus Bible Browser: the NRSV version of the Bible–and the option to make quicklinks to the text.

6. The three sites I work on: this one, #RunRevRun, Presbyterian Church

7. The Gleaner‘s Website

8. The PC(USA) site

9. Dropbox–since my laptop crashed a couple of weeks ago, I make a daily trip to Dropbox to retrieve documents that I saved there before the crash.

10. Pandora