Tuesday Ten: Words I’m Trying Not To Say In Conversation

Magnetic PoetryThere are a lot of words I won’t say in conversation with others. You can guess what some of the four-lettered words are. I also don’t say that things are “retarded” or “gay” and I don’t use slurs of any kind because that’s ignorant. But here are ten words I’m working out of my vocabulary now.

1. Busy (as in “How are you?” “Busy.”)

2. Hate (an unnecessary word if there ever was one.)

3. Um (thanks, Toastmasters!)

4. Nice (as a descriptor. All the words in the English language? I can do better than “nice.”)

5. Just (as in, “I’m just saying” or “I just think…” or “I’m just a…” When we do this, we diminish what we are saying, I heard someone say one time that women are prone to say they are “Just this” or “Just thinking that” because we’ve been taught not to assert our thoughts and opinions.)

6. Awesome (I just say it too much.)

7. Stupid (another  unnecessary word.)

8. Crazy (my Halloween costume posed a problem with this, so I resorted to saying that I was a Ferociously Feline Obsessed Female.)

9. Actually (as in “Actually…” when someone has said something that I’m tempted to correct.”)

10. Should (I learned this from LouAnn Clark at Decided Difference–and in my circle of friends, by the way. Be jealous. We should stop saying “I should…” and “You should…” Go listen to her podcast. It’s fantastic.)

What word or words do you try not to say or what word or words would you do away with if you could?