Turkey Day In the Lonestar State

November 28, 2008

We’re waking up on morning number 3 in Houston. Yesterday was Thanksgiving and we got to meet some of Jenny’s friends and some new friends for dinner. We went to Rebecca’s house and had a fantastic traditional Thanksgiving meal with some wonderful company (there were about 10 of us around the table).

After dinner, Jenny, Rebecca, Gustavo, Diana, Jason and I went to Discovery Green downtown. They had ice skating and were showing “White Christmas” on a big screen. It was a really warm night and we explored the new park.

Gustavo, Becky and Jason

White Christmas on the screen…taken without a flash, so it’s blurry.

Ice skating

We wandered into the convention center and found a car show. Instead of buying tickets, we went upstairs and just looked from the observation deck.

No flash again–but I think it’s pretty.

Sculpture in the park

Jason and Gustavo breaking the “no climbing” rule.

Jenny trying to get a good picture of Jason and Gustavo climbing the sculpture.

Rebecca, Diana, Gustavo and Jason decided to form a gang.

After Discovery Green, we drove to the Galleria, but they were closed (which we figured) and had turned off the lights around the fountain so we just stayed in the parking lot and then Jenny, Jason and I took Rebecca home and went back to Jenny’s.

Then we stayed up really late and slept in this morning.

4 responses to Turkey Day In the Lonestar State

  1. Maybe when Jenny’s camera cord decides to cooperate we will have some pictures similar to this one:


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