June 2, 2007

VBS is over!

And I only got to go to half of it!

I was sick Thursday and Friday and missed those days. That’s never happened before. I couldn’t believe it–I hardly ever get sick. I was so sick, I slept all day Thursday (except for when I was answering the phone or throwing up), all night Thursday night, and most of the day Friday.

It’s Saturday and I’m mostly better now.

But all in all, I hear it was a pretty good week. I think it was the strangest week of VBS we’ve ever had…a lot of glitches, me getting sick, lots of plans changing at the last minute.

But all that matters is that 110 kids grew closer to each other, to their church families and most importantly–to God!

One response to VBS

  1. Ah, I’m sorry you were sick. I’ve been thinking about you and your VBS all week. Honestly! Just wondering how it’s been going and all. Well, praise God for our body’s defense against pathogens! I’m sure VBS was just wonderful even if there was an obvious void due to your presence.