Walla Walla Bing Bang and Other Weekend Adventures

All right, at first, I really didn’t want to see “Alvin and the Chipmunks.” Sure, I watched the cartoon when I was a kid and sure, I listen the CD every Christmas, but I was skeptical about the movie.

But Jonas wanted to take his Mamaw (Jason’s mother, Shelia) to the movie for her birthday and Jason wanted to go, too, so I relented. So we went yesterday morning (by the way: 4 tickets, $16–I thought the guy had made a mistake! If you go before 12 on Saturdays, it’s just $4 a ticket at Stadium 16).

It was actually pretty good. I mean, if you’re not much on “cute” definitely don’t see it. It was a really “cute” movie. But the story wasn’t bad and there were a lot of funny parts. Also, it was actually pretty clean–immaculate, really, compared to recent kid movie standards. Jonas and I gave it two thumbs up.

This morning, I gave the message at church. I may post some of it tomorrow. My text was John 1:1-18. It was also the day that the confirmation class was confirmed–so a full morning all around!

So tonight we had our “Youth Group Christmas Extravaganza!” It was super fun with Subway and a movie on the big screen. They are a fun group. Hopefully 2008 will be as exciting and wonderful as 2007 was.

I cannot believe that this year is nearly over. I can’t believe that Christmas is just a little over a week away! I got a little more shopping done this weekend, but I still have some to do. Hopefully tomorrow night. I hate it that when I talk about Christmas, I usually talk about shopping too. And I’m a hypocrite, because I say that I hate the commercialism of Christmas, but I participate in it every single year.

Every year, we have Jonas on December 24 and not on December 25 (well, we get him back around 2 or 3 every year, but we don’t have him in the morning). We’ve always done our Christmas Eve on December 23 and woke up on the 24th for presents at our house first and then at Jason’s mom’s house. We all go to church that night (for Christmas Eve Service at 5:00) and then Jonas goes with his mother.

I think over the years, the good thing about this is that by the time I get to the Christmas Eve service, I’m no longer worried about the gifts and the craziness. The craziness is over and it’s time to just reflect, pray, worship and think.

Anyway, it’s getting closer and closer. May God prepare our hearts to receive his promise!

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  1. Thanks for the updates! It helps me to feel connected to your life a bit more.

    And I love that you have also gone festive in blgger land. 🙂

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