Water, Water, Everywhere

March 20, 2008

I really wish I had not left my camera at church on Tuesday night. “What will I take pictures of at home?” I reasoned. Nothing was going to happen at home…

Well, if I would have had my camera, you would have seen what a mess all the rain we just got made our neighborhood! We were stranded at our house there was so much water! Our street flooded and several of our neighbors had water in their homes. It was so high that it looked like we had a lake in our front yard (quick! Call the realtor!).

Fortunately, once the rain stopped, it began to recede and we were able to get out this morning (we had to go the long way to town and drive through some water, but we made it!).

UGH. I’m grateful it didn’t come in our house, but I feel bad for our neighbors.