September 28, 2005

I hate naming my blog posts. I’m drinking water, so I call this post “Water.” I could have also chosen, “Highlighter,” “Stapler,” or “Pile of Junk.” All of these are things on my desk.

Well, the Brownie program went off without a hitch yesterday. The girls are so well-behaved. I really enjoy leading that troop. I hate posting pictures because it takes so long, but maybe when my photographer sends me some digital pictures, I’ll post them.

Jonas had a Den meeting last night, so Mom and I went out to dinner (she came and helped serve cookies and punch at the Brownie reception). Then I went home and laid on the couch because I was really tired. I hadn’t slept so well the night before. Finally my boys came home and I got to hear all about Cub Scouts and their walk through the woods and how Jonas had saved the day with his flashlight.

This morning, I’m mostly just trying to get things organized for church tonight and church Sunday 🙂 I have Fun Club after school to look forward to.

Also, today is a double birthday day! Happy Birthday to my brother-in-law, Austin, and my adorable Nephew, Tyler (who turns six today). Father and Son were born on the same day 🙂