We Are The Kirk

October 26, 2009

Yesterday was Reformation Sunday. To celebrate Calvin and the other reformers, we had a special service called the Kirkin’ O’ the Tartans (which is really awkward to write no matter how often I write it for some reason). This service specifically celebrated our Scottish heritage as a church.

There were family tartans (as India demonstrates)

Hannah and Sarah helped greet and pass out bulletins

The service would not have been as great without two people: Ben Hall (un-kilted)

and Carol Lambert

These drummers warmed up pre-service in the choir room

Susan played the organ beautifully

The choir enjoyed a change of pace from their regular robes

The newly formed children’s bell choir shared the song they’ve been working on: “The Blue Bells of Scotland.”

Rev. John shared an inspiring message.

And we welcomed the Kyilindi Pipes and Drums from Mt. Carmel, IL and the St. Andrew’s Society.

It was a beautiful fall day and a beautiful service.

One response to We Are The Kirk

  1. How fun! I have never heard of such a celebration. I like it!