Wednesday Morning Update

August 15, 2007

My back to school schedule is starting to feel a bit more normal–and so far, so good! It’s been hard to know what to do with all of my office hours back! Over the summer, I’m always scrambling to get things done because there are so many recreational activities planned. With the kids in school during my regular office hours, that doesn’t happen so much…

Today I get back into my weekly prayer meetings with area youth ministers! We officially started back last week, but I had a commitment that I could not skip. It will be good to be back with the group. We pray together at 11 each Wednesday.

Our after school program is full! Well, actually, we have five spaces left for kids who do not ride the church van, but the spaces in the van are full. That’s never happened so quickly before!

I filled the backpacks for the blessings in a backpack program for the first time this school year this morning! Each week, South Heights Elementary School sends 20 children home with backpacks full of food brought in by area churches. These children are screened and chosen by teachers and school staff because it seems that they are not getting enough to eat at home, either due to parent neglect or lack of resources.

We’ve been involved since January and our church is responsible for three of those backpacks. Different families have committed to each backpack once per month. They bring in the food to fill the backpack or $20 for the backpack fund. Then a man from our church and I take turns buying the necessary food items (usually grab and go or easy-open microwaveable foods that kids can fix for themselves) and filling the backpacks and returning them to the school. The kids take them home on Friday and return them empty each Monday. It’s an awesome program!

It was fun to go to South Heights this morning and see all of the backpacks hanging in the resource room, just waiting to be filled and knowing that by Friday they would all have food in them. For some people it’s hard to believe that there are 20 children at one school that need this help, but the resource coordinator told me that there are children on a waiting list for this program.

Well, it’s back to work for me!

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  1. Thanks for the update! I’ve been wondering what’s up w/ Becky Birdpoop!