On Tuesday afternoon:

Me: I don’t have a blog post for tomorrow.

Jason: How about another blog about your husband? That one was pretty good.

Me: (make a face)

Jason: Tell a cute Sam thing. 10 cute Sam things.

Me: I already did my ten this week and I did ten Sam things a few weeks ago…and really, he’s not that cute lately.

(Yesterday, Sam, high on some new drug, got out of the yard and joyfully played in the neighbor’s trash…this meant that I had to go drag him back home from a trash pile and Jason had to go clean up the trash pile–all before 6:30 a.m.)

Jason: Tell the Webkins in a pile story.

Me: Just because you said it, I’m going to do it. That’s how desperate I am for tomorrow’s entry.

Jason: (clicks on my blog–Tuesday’s “Joyful Things” entry) COOKIES! CUPCAKES! WHATEVER–I like them. I’ll read your ten things later. That’s a lot of words.


ONCE UPON A TIME, when we were living on Old Madisonville Road and when Jonas was in second grade and going through the Webkins collecting phase and building online rooms for them and telling all his friends all about how many Webkins he had and what kind…

We had a dog. Named Sam. Who never liked to play with any toys we ever got him.

He did, however, like to play with Jonas’ toys. He would steal them and run with them whenever he could get to them. His favorites were Scooter, Jonas’ beloved brown dog, the green frog Webkins and a little moose beanie baby with a Canadian flag over his heart (that I brought back from Canada a few summers ago).

One night, we were all in the family room watching a movie and Jonas had forgotten to shut his door. I walked into the living room and Sam, our beloved canine, had picked up every stuffed animal in Jonas’ room and organized them into a neat pile in the middle of the living room. For a moment, I watched him go back and forth, getting stuffed things and adding them to the pile.

I bet it was sad for him when instead of celebrating his accomplishment, I picked up the whole pile and carried them back to Jonas’ room and closed the door.

The end.

Happy Wednesday!

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