Well Caffeinated

August 2, 2009

Ummm…should we be worried that Jonas, who is 10,

  • No longer wants ice cream from DQ, but always wants to order their Moolattes (coffee drinks) when we’ll let him?
  • Got super excited when he was helping me unpack groceries today and saw that I got new creamer?
  • Ordered a cup of coffee, black, as his drink at IHOP yesterday?
  • Drank the last of the coffee the other day after his dad went to work and before I had some (if he keeps this up, he might want to worry…)?
  • Asked me recently if coffee counted as a daily vegetable since it comes from beans?

Caffeine’s not a gateway drug…right?

One response to Well Caffeinated

  1. He really like coffee, huh? Interesting. Many times younger kids will act as if they do because it seems "cool" or "grown up". Yet, he seems to desire it in multiple varieties, which makes me believe the little dude really does like coffee! Interesting. Very interesting.