Well, I’m kinda computer illiterate

September 13, 2005

I tried to post pictures in that empty post that I made earlier, but it wouldn’t upload them for some reason. I’m not sure what happened since it worked the other day. You’ll just have to wait for your pictures, Katie!

I’m sitting in my brand new, comfortable office chair. I can’t remember if I mentioned buying it in a fit of rebellion last week. Yes, world, when I get rebellious, I buy office furniture. Watch out! It’s brown and a little bit ugly, but it’s mine (well, technically the church’s) and it’s comfortable, and I love it. My old chair was falling apart and it scared me.

The second Brownie meeting is coming up in about 40 minutes. I think I’m all set. You wouldn’t believe the logistics involved in getting a meeting together for 22 little girls. At least in the beginning. I’m frightened about how organized I am–it’s almost an obsession. I’m really going to work on making sure that I get to talk to each girl for a little bit this afternoon because that’s the bad thing about having a big troop–not a lot of individual attention! It makes me appreciate the smaller youth group and smaller children’s ministry that we have at our church.

7 responses to Well, I’m kinda computer illiterate

  1. Thanks Becky, for your encouragement about skateboarding. You could skateboard, too, if you really wanted to. I bet your brownie troop and son would think it was a “hoot”.

    Well… I hope you figure out how to put pictures up soon. I would like to see some of you, too!

  2. Better yet… does your new office chair have wheels? That’s just as fun!

  3. Niklas & Katie Lorentzon September 15, 2005 at 2:35 am

    Ha! That was funny about the office furniture. Usually when I get in a rebellious mood I just buy chocolate! It seems to help somehow (and it is a bit cheaper, but maybe not in the long run!).
    Although I need a new computer chair also since I have major pain in my tailbone. But that could just be because I bike an hour and a half a day and my buttbone is shaped weird. I guess I could just ask God to reshape my buttbone. He does stuff like that!

    As far as uploading pics goes, here is my suggestion…You do that in the “Edit HTML” tab until you are done. Then you copy all that HTML pic text and paste it into a word document. You totally sign out and then sign back into your Blogger page without saving anything. You open up “Edit Post” yet again and paste back in the text from the Word document. That should work! That is what we have to do, who knows why!


  4. Good gravy! Could that picture thing be anymore difficult? Thanks, Katie…I’ll see if I can make that work later.

  5. When I am being rebellious I go on a driving spree and listen to angry music. Then after I have yelled a bit and cried a little I start listening to Christian music again. I think God is using this rise in gas prices as a discipline tool.
    Becky- Office furniture!
    Katie- Chocolate!
    Tamara- Driving with music blaring!
    Okay who else is going to be transparent and let us know their rebellious signs.

  6. When I get rebellious… I don’t know if I get rebellious. When I get rebellious it’s usually toward the devil and this world’s mindsets… and so I GO AND PRAY… AND WORSHIP AND DANCE AND SCREAM AT THE DEVIL AND ALL THE LIES IN THE ATMOSPHERE! Yeah. And I speak in tongues and prophesy… heh.

    Okay… and sometimes whenever I get mad I use bad language. And sometimes I use bad language when I’m praying… especially whenever I’m blasting the devil. Lately I’ve been using the word for poo-poo in German. I’m realizing, however, that I should probably cut down on my use of that word. I use to just speak in tongues whenever I got mad… perhaps I should go back to that. At times though… it’s just so much more effective to say… “I’m sick of this b.s.!”

  7. Whoops. I accidentally posted that twice.