We’re Rich!

August 25, 2006

Today was the day that Jason “Dashed For Cash!” Now, it was different than we thought it would be–there was no glass booth. Basically, they dropped the money from the balcony of the bank and he had to dash in from the door and pick up as much as he could, using only this hands (and his shirt).

Here’s Jason getting ready to dash!

The contest was party sponsored by News 25, and Jason did an interview before the contest began. Here he is getting his microphone taped on. They taped it so that he wouldn’t lose it when he dashed.

They blew a whistle, dropped the money, and he ran in and dove into the pile.

Afterwards, he and Bob took all of his money into a conference room so that they could count it and the bank employees could pick up the rest of the money. They were nice, because they saw him drop some money after time was up and brought it into him.

Here he is with all of the money on the table.

The tellers helped him count it all up and bundled it together, nice and neat.

This is what $1,843 looks like.

What will we do with it? We decided it will go to pay off debt and help us with our home repair costs like our new roof and our new septic tank.

But first, we’re going to go out for dinner and a movie!

The whole Dash For Cash and interviews will be on the news25 website in the “Appetizer” section–it will be a streaming video. I’ll try to find out exactly what the web address for the Appetizer is, but that’s all I’ve got right now.

Jason is a bit embarassed by all of the attention, but winning a tableful of money takes the edge off.

5 responses to We’re Rich!

  1. How wonderful! That is quite different, but I bet he got a lot more that way. Cool!

  2. What an enjoyable post!

  3. Oh what a blessing. How fun that would be!

  4. I think it was fun, but Jason, as usual, is too hard on himself! He watched himself on the news tonight and said, “I should have gone to the bigger piles of money on the floor.”

    I said, “Get over it–you made more today than you ever have in 24 hours!”

    His hourly rate for that 25 seconds was somewhere near $265,000. It sounds like someone needs to raise his rates!

  5. Man! I do believe that’s the kind of gig I want! So, you think you could send an email or something to our school board? I think they need to know people are making that kind of money out there! 🙂