We’re With The Band

The North Middle School Band Winter Concert was last night at Henderson’s Fine Arts Center. It was really great! I’m always amazed at how much middle school bands improve between 6th grade and 8th grade. Or even between the 6th grade fall concert and the 6th grade winter concert. We were treated to a night of good music.

Our favorite clarinet player was nervous.

Him: You have to bring money, you know. The tickets cost $3!

Me: Yes, we know. If it’s not worth $3, I’ll stand up and yell to Mr. Grimm (the band director) that we want our money back.

Him: NO! I’ll be so offended.


Him: It costs money. You have to bring cash–they don’t take debit cards!

Me: Yes, we know. We’ve done this before.


Him: You’ll have to wait outside when you take me. The doors don’t open until 6:30.

Me: Yes, we know.


Jason: How many songs are you playing tonight?

Jonas: Two. But I can’t leave. I CAN’T LEAVE! I have to stay and sit in the front row.

Me: Yes, we know. We’ve done this before. When Daddy and I were your age, we were in performances for things too. We get it.

Did he think I was going to stand up after the sixth grade performance, demand our money back AND demand that Jonas Durham meet us at the truck right now?

Here are some videos from the performance. If you like percussion-y things, you should check out the school’s Drum Line playing the Cadet Cadence. They were pretty good.

Here, the Sixth Grade Band plays “Jingle Bells.” Jonas is the clarinet player farthest to the left.