What We’ve Been Up To

March 12, 2007

Yesterday (Sunday), we attended church at 10:30. It was a wonderful service with four of members singing in the church choir (see picture below!). The associate pastor preached on following Jesus’ commands. Her scripture passages were Deuteronomy 10:12-11:1 and John 14:15.

After church, Walt and Evonda went off for the afternoon (they had already been apart for 2 weeks and wanted some together time) and the rest of us headed for the beach. We weren’t there long before we loaded back into the vehicles and drove the coastal highway to Biloxi. We took some pictures along the way, which we will post.

We returned to the church to rest and then a crew headed to Sam’s to pick up groceries because we had meal duty coming up. Then we all went out to dinner at Lookout 49 and had some great seafood. We returned to the church and made some preparations for breakfast this morning.

Some of us got a restful night’s sleep and some of us did not, but we all were up by 6:30 to
serve breakfast to the camp. Today was our day to clean the facility and serve all the meals.

We finally got our work assignments and headed out. Bob and Tom went to install a toilet and do some other projects for a lady. I don’t think they took pictures. The rest of us went to a woman’s home (Jacqueline) to paint two rooms and do some soffit work.

We are now back at camp. The ladies have prepared dinner for tonight and the men have gone to Lowes–but after they promised to do all of the bathroom cleaning tonight! Aren’t they awesome?

Pictures coming soon!