Where Am I Going To Sleep?

October 22, 2009

Jason is going backpacking on Saturday and Sunday. He is packing already. He has a LOT of stuff to take.

He asked me to tell you that this includes 25 lbs of gear and 6 lbs of food. Which, for Jason, doesn’t seem like very much food.

EDIT: Grizzly Adams just informed me that I wasn’t listening to him. He said 1lb of food and 5lbs of water. He said 1lb of food is REALLY not a lot of food for him. He wishes it were 6lbs.

3 responses to Where Am I Going To Sleep?

  1. I never knew your husband was such an outdoors man till you revealed it on your blog. I think that is an awesome hobby to have. He will have a great view of the stars.

  2. that last pic reminds me of your trip down here. is he going to sleep on a balcony somewhere. 🙂
    i'm jealous, tho. i desire very much to go camping right now. we are going soon. why aren't you going with him???

  3. Jenny, stop trying to cause trouble.