Whirlwind Vacation In Chattanooga

We spent about 48 hours in Chattanooga last week. Jonas’ friend, Chris, came with us. We love Chris because he’s happy to do anything we’re doing, never complains, never talks back, eats whatever we put in front of him and goes to bed early. He’s like a fictional character, really.

When we travel, we try to stay at a hotel with a pool because Jonas loves to swim and swimming makes Jonas (and Jason) tired.

Our first stop on Friday was Ruby Falls.

Ruby Falls is in the middle of the Lookout Mountain cave system. So you have to walk through the cave to get there.

THIS is Ruby Falls. No one knows where it comes from.

“The view from under the falls is among the prettiest things you’ll ever see!” our guide assured us…

Verdict? Ruby Falls was all kinds of cheesy, but lots of fun!

Jonas and Chris loved to put quarters in these things

We then hiked through Rock City, which is a series of rock formations, caves, underpasses, bridges and plants. This formation is called Rainbow Hall.

Rainbow Hall, inside

The view from Seven States Plaza

You can see seven states from up there

Jonas puts on a good show

Jonas and Chris wanted to try to climb the rock wall. Jonas made it to the bell.

Rock City has a Starbucks!


Then we rode on the Incline Railroad. At it’s steepest, it’s like a 72% grade. There are two cars that work on a pulley–one goes up while the other comes down.

It was obviously thrilling!

Hooray for vacation!

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  1. Thank you for sharing! I haven't had time to really visit your blog in a while. I still check in to see if you are updating but haven't had time to read and really look. Fun vacay! Yay!

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