Whitney Turned 26

October 5, 2009

Saturday was Whitney’s birthday. Her parents invited us out to their house for a birthday dinner. In attendance, besides Rev. John, Pam, and the guest of honor were Randy and Debbie and their granddaughter, Bella; The Durhams and Mama Jane. We started out at the barn with the horses.

Whitney and I
Whitney elected to have a birthday pie (strawberry rhubarb)

Randy and Jason liked the pie.

Nonna was very entertaining to Bella…and the rest of us.

Present time!

Jonas and Bella were very concerned about the biggest box and its contents. I think they were concerned when Whitney didn’t open it first.

It was a guitar…

CASE! Full of presents and the assurance that she could go pick out a guitar to fill the case!

MJ and Rev. John

Bella and Randy watching Whitney open her gifts

Here are some things that entertain kids (besides Nintendo DS):

Bubble Wrap

Birthday bows
Big boxes

The full moon as we were leaving.

Wii, we hope you had a great birthday! <3