Why I Love Youth Ministry

We’ve been studying the life of King David. I love teaching through David’s life because he’s such a vibrant character in scripture. We have so much content about the life of this so-called “man after God’s heart.” Today was a big day–David and Bathsheba and Nathan and God.

We have one student who is rather new to the church/youth group, was not raised with Bible stories and prayer time and is still struggling with whether or not she believes in God. But she loves learning and reading Scripture and asking questions and seeking answers.

She was outraged throughout most of the lesson today and very outspoken about the things David does in 2 Samuel 11.  When her grandmother picked her up, she started in about David and Bathsheba:

“So David, who already has wives, by the way, decides he wants this other dude’s wife and he gets her pregnant. So David tries to convince her husband to come home and…you know…with her so that everyone would just think the baby was his. But he won’t, so David goes and kills him.”

The grandmother (who’s a little bit clueless about the situation): “Well, I’m sure in that culture…”

Her (obviously upset that her grandmother was not sharing her outrage): “Hello! No culture about it! This is basic Ten Commandments stuff. And he was the ANOINTED KING OF ISRAEL!!! But God knew. And God sent Nathan and David repented but the baby still died. But God forgave David and then Bathsheba had another baby, Solomon and he did some cool stuff.”

My favorite moment though was when this young lady had the lightbulb moment during the study that David was the King of Israel, anointed by God, had been blessed by God numerous times and had made such a horrible mistake. “If David can mess up that bad and be forgiven, God can forgive us when we mess up.”


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  1. Very cool! When you invest your life in a field that is geared towards “helping people” you often have to grab hold of the fact that you will often not see the fruits of your labors. It is so awesome when the Lord allows us to see some of it. Thanks for sharing!

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