I grew up in Northwest Indiana. The words “Lake Effect Snow” (caused by Lake Michigan) were pretty common in our winter weather broadcasts–in fact, so common, I barely thought about what it actually meant and was surprised that it wasn’t a “thing” on the weather broadcast when I moved south (no lake=no lake effect snow). In the Region, it’s not uncommon for the snow to start in November and hang around until April. Snow and ice are just part of the winter experience and it’s unusual to go a week without some form of it.

In Henderson, KY, it’s not unusual to have an 80 degree day in February. We get snow, but usually only in small batches and dustings and the words “wintry mix” are pretty common in our weather forecasts. “Wintry mix” basically means: nasty, wet, icy, sleety mess falling from the sky and causing people to drive idiotically.

When it does snow or sleet or ice (which it does do at least a few times every winter), we’re never ready for it. It’s like we’re all surprised that the snow and ice that comes every winter would dare show up on this side of the Mason Dixon line again. Our weather forecasters say all kinds of scary things and create graphics that predict how many inches each region of the tri-state will get.

I don’t mind winter weather so much. Sure, it’s much more inconvenient–events get canceled, cars have to be started 10 minutes before you leave the house, parking lots have to be navigated carefully and I do worry about my elderly friends because winter weather is really hard for them. Yet, I do enjoy watching the snow slowly or quickly fall and I like walking around outside and making new footprints in the snow. I like the cozy feeling in our house when we’re all in it because the places we are supposed to be don’t require us to be there any more.

Today, we’re supposed to get a big one! Our forecasters are calling for 2-5 inches of actual snow, the school board declared the other night that there is a good chance there won’t be school today or tomorrow and the resource coordinator who oversees our backpack program suggested we might get the backpacks the church fills with food for kids each weekend might want to get them in yesterday.

If it happens, there will be pictures!