With Jesus in the boat, you can smile in the storm!

September 23, 2006

Do my fellow IVCFers remember that song? I just remember Femi with his huge smile rocking the boat!

Anyway, Doppler Radar indicates:

Well, it started yesterday afternoon and the storm just won’t go away! Above is our current radar image. Do you see Henderson? Nothin’ but rain for a long time! We had severe weather last night (we lost some more tree pieces) and both our front and back yards are flooded. We’re getting more severe weather today.

Today is also the second day of the Holy Name School Fall Festival. Jason worked a booth last night and they had to evacuate the gym. Today, I’m working the pumpkin painting booth from 10-12 and the Duck Pond (an outdoor attraction!) from 8-10 p.m. I wish I could stay home under the covers!

Our remodeling is moving right along. I need to take a picture now that Jason and his dad have all of the drywall up in the family room. Next week the carpet guys come.

The septic tank issue is another story. They dug the whole and then it started raining about 2 weeks ago. We have had so much rain in the past two weeks that they haven’t been able to work. Right now, the septic tank hole is flooded and the mud is all running off and you can see the top of the septic tank now. I don’t think that situation will get better!

I hope that you all are having nice weather for a Saturday!

4 responses to With Jesus in the boat, you can smile in the storm!

  1. Our weather is pretty much the same. Only given that I live in a brick apartment in the middle of town…literally…I am not having any flooding or other weather related issues. I love storms! Sorry they aren’t producing happiness in your life at present. And, yes, I CLEARLY remember Femi’s huge smile during that song!

  2. I like Jenny would gladly take your place. We are getting some rain, but I love to be pummeled! I want to be in a real scary storm. Live it up.

    Though I am sad it came at an inconveint time.

  3. It probably sounded like I was complaining, but I really wasn’t! The only bad thing about it is that I had to get out in it!

    But the day turned out to be a good one despite the deluge.

  4. oh yeah, i totally remember the “Femi” song, and him kind of forcing us to do it along with him at Cedar Campus in front of, well, EVERYBODY.

    Ah, Femi! One of my favorite people!

    We are having the nicest weather here in Sweden since the early 1900s!!!!!!