Work Out

I quit my gym last Friday. I had planned for a month to do it and then last Friday was it–my last day at a gym that has become my comfortable work out home.

Part of the reason I dropped it was that it had become too familiar. The gym I went to used circuit training and cardio lifting, which is a very effective work out. However, I think my body got a little too used to the exercises and I got a little bit bored with the same work out every day. I joined the gym because it was 1) small 2) all female and 3) a work-out I felt I could master and 4) monitored by circuit coaches/trainers who kept track of my weight and measurements and made sure I was working out efficiently. I joined back in a time when I was not a regular exerciser and wanted to start some healthy habits.

I succeeded and I lost a good amount of weight. And then I hit a weight plateau that I can’t seem to defeat no matter what method I try.

So on Monday morning, I/we joined the Henderson County Family YMCA. Two years ago, I was too scare to join the Y. I felt intimidated by the high volume of machines and people using them, the two pools and not knowing what to do or how to do it. Now I feel like I can handle a more independent work out and that I can handle any and all of the machines AND the pools. I’m excited about adding different machines, free weights and laps in the pool to my routine. I’m also excited because Jason and Jonas wanted to join with me and that means that we can sometimes go together and that Jonas can sometimes walk to the Y after school (his school is right next to the Y).

I’m nervous about this because I’m afraid I’ll fall off the wagon. I keep reminding myself that I’ve made a habit of working out and that as long as I’m paying for it, I’ll keep up with it. Yet I’m still worried that something will go wrong and I’ll regret this move.

Monday night, I tried out the new warm water pool. Tuesday morning, I got my orientation on the weight circuits. Wednesday morning I spent 30 minutes on the machines in the cardio room and spent some time in the free weight room with Jason. So far so good…!