Working with Kids = An Ego Boost for Becky…

Ha–I love kids!

This afternoon, they told me I was the BEST because I ordered more perler beads for the art room.

They told me I was awesome because I already had the new High School Musical 2 CD and the lyrics to the songs (they had a sing a long in the art room this afternoon).

They told me I should be on TV because I helped them get to $32,000 on the computer “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire.”

Of course, I also heard I was mean because I made one of them apologize for hitting someone…

And I heard them ask me to stop singing when I tried to join in…


2 replies on “Working with Kids = An Ego Boost for Becky…”

Sounds like you have nice, complimentary kids!

Mine are usually appreciative of me, but they do like to make fun of the way I botch some Swedish words!


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