My sock monkey, Yolanda, has nothing to do with Jesus, really, but she's quite adorable an joyful (pictured here watching TV...probably LOST or Jimmy Fallon if I know Yolanda.).
My sock monkey, Yolanda, has nothing to do with Jesus, really, but she’s quite adorable and joyful (pictured here watching TV…probably LOST or Jimmy Fallon if I know Yolanda.).

I’m someone who often suffers, unnecessarily, from guilt. I feel guilty all the time for all kinds of reasons.

I feel guilty if I talk on my cell phone while I’m driving.

I feel guilty if I eat something I should not eat.

I feel guilty if I skip something I’m supposed to do–work, a meeting, church, etc.

The other day, I felt guilty because I posted something on my blog, looked back at it and the content and realized: Hey, I never mentioned Jesus! What do people think when I write a whole blog and don’t mention Jesus? Do people think that maybe I’m not much of a Christian or Christ isn’t a priority in my life?

[Let’s stop for a second. If you actually read my “What I Wish I Knew When I Was 22″” list and decided I’m a terrible Christian, I would like to personally invite you to stop reading my blog. I’m certain there are other blogs you would probably enjoy more and you’d probably get less wrinkles from all of the frowning my blog undoubtedly makes you do. We’ll miss you, I’m sure, but you’ll be in a better place.]

So when I had this moment of guilt, I started thinking about my blog. And then I started thinking about my life. To me, this is where my worldview becomes relevant.

I’m a Christian. It’s not an activity that I do or how I spend my time on Sundays. Christianity is my worldview. When I encounter other people, I’m called to treat them as though I were encountering Christ. When I make decisions, I make them as I consider what Jesus might do in the same situation or as I consider the teachings of Christ. When I take sixth grade girls to the One Direction movie, I do so as one who has a reason to share joy and love with others.

Everything I do, everywhere I stand, everyone I meet, every blog I post, I do so as a follower of Jesus.

Sometimes, I’ll be explicit about this and tell you all about it. Other times, I don’t say a word about Christ, but I hope that you can see God’s love and light at work in my life. I also hope you always understand that I’m a sinner, well aware of the grace that makes me wholly a child of God regardless of the randomness I post on my blog most of the time.

If you find yourself here at reading every once in awhile, know I’m grateful for you and your willingness to share this space with me. I hope you know that wherever you are, whatever you’re up to, you are loved.