February 25, 2010

Worship isn’t about you
or me
or what kind of music we like
or whether we’re in the sanctuary
or the gym
or the park
or what color the carpet is
or what kind of instruments we use
or whether or not we have bulletins
or pews
or chairs
or working microphones
or if the preacher is any good
or if the prayers are too long
or if we use a particular songbook
or if we have a screen and a projector
or whether we say the Nicene Creed
or the Apostles Creed
or how many people are there
or if we take communion every week
or if we clap
or raise our hands
or sit
or stand
or kneel
or jump
or if the youth group leads
or if the minister wears his or her robe
or how much money we collect at the offering
or the number of sopranos in the choir
or if we like the person next to us
or if we use the KJV
or the NRSV
or The Message

Worship is our opportunity to adore the creator of…everything. Reverently, enthusiastically, unashamedly, whole-heartedly.

I’m just saying.

2 responses to wORship

  1. I loved this! Powerful!

  2. Totally on target with what I believe!