Would You Rather…

August 31, 2006

My Youth Group loves to play “Would You Rather…” We have the WYR books (as well as “What If,” “Unfinished Sentences” and “Name Your Favorite.” These books are all available from Youth Specialties, by the way.

WYRs don’t have a “right answer” and often times the reason we choose one thing over another sparks a great conversation. Sometimes they are nonsensical or sometimes they are a bit deeper.

Here are a few to start (or end…or middle) your day:

Would You Rather…

…have false teeth or a glass eye?

…sneeze for a week or hiccup for a week?

…have the song “Happy Birthday” stuck in your head forever or never hear music again?

…sell popcorn up and down the steps of a baseball stadium or wear a gorilla costume and wave at people in front of a movie theatre?

…be named after a fruit or be named after a vegetable?

…say everything that you think out loud or never be able to speak again?

…be at Jesus’ crucifixion or at the Last Supper?

…travel with Jesus for 3 years or help start churches with Paul for 10 years?

6 responses to Would You Rather…

  1. Ew! I need one of those! For like those days when I have 5 min. and need to fill it up! I’m gonna get one!

  2. All of those books are awesome! And they’re all like $10 or something.

  3. So can we answer some of those questions in blogland? Like, you pick one for us and we answer it???? Perhaps it would be me alone who answers, but I think that kind of stuff is SO fun!

  4. By all means–answer them all!

    Or just pick one of them.

    I for one would rather…

    …have false teeth.
    …hiccup for a week.
    …hear Happy Birthday forever.
    …sell the popcorn.
    …be named after a fruit.
    …never be able to speak.
    …attend the Last Supper.
    …travel with Jesus.

  5. Thanks for indulging me! Here are mine….

    False teeth. I had a teacher with a glass eye once and I don’t want to be that teacher at my school! Plus, then my teeth would always been really nice looking. 🙂

    Sneeze for a week! Sneezes tickle my nose and I love them!

    Happy Birthday forever.

    Popcorn. Good exercise. I don’t want to be the scary person dressed up that scares other people like me.

    Fruit. I don’t believe that there is such thing as a vegetable (botanically speaking).

    Not be able to speak. As long as I can still write or use sign language. If I said everything I thought then I wouldn’t need to talk because no one would ever speak to me again!

    Last Supper. I’m always up for a dinner party. Especially with Big J!

    Um, that’s a toughy. I think I’d rather start churches with Paul. I get to spend time with Jesus everyday and will have eternity with Him. So, yeah, I think that’s my answer.

  6. Niklas & Katie Lorentzon September 1, 2006 at 12:17 am

    Great answers, Jenny!

    That is definitely your kind of thing!