You Can Stand Under My Umbrella

Something you may have missed: in Henderson, KY it will not stop raining.

And storming.

Usually in the middle of the night, tornadic activity included.



Besides tornado damage, all of the rain is causing rivers and creeks to rise.



I have never seen the Ohio this high in Henderson.

Fields, roads (more than 100 Henderson roads are un-drivable because of water), yards–flooding all over the county.



Today, it was dry all day. The sun came out for awhile, which inspired much lawn-mowing and excitement.

But tonight?

Here we go:

2 thoughts on “You Can Stand Under My Umbrella”

  1. We made a very quick trip down your way yesterday. Had to check on the house (it’s good) and bring back more from the storage unit. Hurried back because NWS said SEVERE storms your area and Bloomington starting around 3PM. It was calm here, but the pics I’ve seen on FB are very scary. Is Henderson okay this morning??

    1. For the most part, right now, Henderson is okay. The detours are working and people can still get around. The closure of 60 between Henderson and Owensboro this morning is going to be rough.

      The river doesn’t crest until Sunday. It will probably get much worse before it gets better.

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