Youth Group

October 15, 2007

I have the most awesome youth group ever.

We had a planning meeting for youth sunday last night. Two of them showed up with binders dedicated to the planning, several brought notes, almost all of them had picked music, one of them had written a skit, one had written half her sermon, two of them had planned a children’s message, all prayed and all of them were enthusiastic, willing and excited about Sunday, October 28.

And the most exciting thing of all? They all have a vision of being leaders for a congregation that is currently without a pastor. Rather than saying, “I hope we can make it” and “What’s going to happen to us?” they are saying, “What can we do to help our church family? How can we keep things going?”

They are incredible. And I’m blessed.

One response to Youth Group

  1. I’m sure that’s a great feeling. Just having youth who are self-motivated says a lot about them!