Youth Group

August 7, 2006

Well I survived..

And I’m able to blog about it!

Youth Group got back into the swing of things last night with our first meeting of the school year! There were sandwiches….there was cherry limeade sunkist…there were water balloons…there were sardines (the game, not the food)…we got locked out of the youth room and had to call the chairperson of the property committee to come and let us in…

But all in all it was a really fun, really chaotic, really exciting night!

Oh, and in case you were wondering: I had a list of water balloon games to play (and I was so proud of how creative an inventive they truly were), but do you know what happens when you get 10 teenagers in the presence of 100 water balloons? Halfway through water balloon baseball it was all over–water balloons were flying everywhere.

But you stop caring about it when one of the middle school boys gives you a big wet high five and says, “This is awesome!”

One response to Youth Group

  1. Goodness do you ever have a moment to breath? Your life seems so full of adventure and activity. But, I know you love your job! I am sure it will keep you young.